About Us

About The Gates Production

The Gates Production was founded in 2010  by Two  friends who met each other whilst studying at the University of  Dar es Salaam. In the early days, the company provided ICT services, before falling in love with video as a medium, and the potential of it.

The Gates  Productions is one of the ’s leading corporate video production companies working with clients to create High Definition video content that sells, informs, and trains.

Our clients include individuals, organizations, Government, and some fantastic small businesses.

Our Team
In our experience, a business is only as good as the team it employs. At The Gates Production, we employ the very best talent to make sure our client’s needs and visions are fulfilled, and that the content we produce is second to none. Our in house team of producers have years of experience in the industry, and their passion for video as a medium really shines through in the content we create for our clients.

Our values,beliefs and quirks

Our company motto is “We make it Memorable.” We pride ourselves on producing video content that is so good, viewers want to pass it on. This isn’t just a meaningless statement. Many of our customers are surprised at how obsessive we are about this.

In addition to this motto, our other values are as follows:

  • WOW the customer through service
  • CREATIVITY is at our core
  • Be TRANSPARENT in all our activities and our relationships
  • Build a positive TEAM and family spirit
  • Open our minds and actively LISTEN
  • Pursue continuous conscious GROWTH

Why our Clients work with us?

  • We produce great videos.The quality of our work is second to none. We pride ourselves on producing  video that “We make it Memorable”  content that is so good, viewers want to pass it on.
  • We’re easy to work with. Customer service and satisfaction is incredibly important to us. We go out of the way to WOW our customers.
  • We work with clients across the Tanzania. With office in Makongo Juu,Dar es Salaam, we are able to work with clients right across the Tanzania, we’ve got it covered.
  • We have worked with businesses just like yours. We have produced videos for a wide range of industries, working with some of the Tanzania’s most well known brands and organisations. This means whatever type of video you want to create, chances are we already have experience with something very similar.
  • We’re experts. We are considered a leading authority on video production and marketing and are regular speakers at industry events and conferences.

As a client, you can expect to…!

  • Work with one of our in-house producers, who will manage your production from start to finish
  • Receive a surprisingly high level of customer service.
  • Get an excellent return on investment
  • Have confidentiality maintained at all times
  • Have any concerns addressed promptly

And we expect you to…!

  • Be serious about wanting to create video that  “We make it Memorable”.
  • Ask questions no matter how un-intelligent you think they may be.
  • Give us honest feedback, both good and bad. (Particularly the bad.)

Our experience in Wedding

Natural, We try to focus on the emotion on the day, as well as taking detail shots of all the important parts that tell the story of the day (the venue, the dress, the shoes etc).

We tend to blend in to the wedding party and find this helps guests to feel relaxed around us. Our style is simply to produce natural yet fun and creative wedding photography

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